I am grateful to all of you that participated in helping me make the school that I have always wanted to have.  It has meant so much to me.

As things change and evolve, I find myself now embarking on a new educational adventure – teaching undergraduate and graduate students at Syracuse University.  Between this all of the photography/education/content creation work that I am doing, I think it is a good time to close this chapter of my life, and start the next one, ideas blazing.

For those of you with accounts at the school – don’t worry – that’s still live.  I have also made all of the classes downloadable so you can take them with you wherever you go.  You’ll hear from me separately in an email.

If you would like to keep following me for education, writing, photography, or insight, please feel free to visit me at aboutrc.com, follow me on Instagram, or check me out on Facebook.

As always, I am reminded daily that I get to do this because of all of you, and your attention has meant the world.