Don’t Learn Alone.

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First Shot School is a digital “Ground School” offering quality two-way education so you can become a better artist.


What You Need to Know Should Come First


Our classes cover the essentials in Photoshop, Lightroom, Photography, Video – and more. People learn differently that’s why we offer three ways to learn:

  • Full Classes: For visual learners who want to watch an entire process from start to finish.
  • QuickStart Tutorials: For people who want “minute” lessons with pictures or videos.
  • Live Q&A: For “help, I have very specific questions!”

After working with thousands of students in online education and workshops we’ve learned that a solid foundation of knowledge leads to great work. Without it – the path to success can be long and frustrating. Some common roadblocks are software, technology, workflow – and even personal reflection and connection to our work.  Our classes cover ALL the basics, so you are prepared to create with confidence.

Your Time Is Valuable


Getting up to speed on your craft can take a backseat to life:

  • You don’t have hours to learn a Tool – only to use a fraction of it.
  • You don’t have time to sit through an hour of noise to find a 60 second teachable moment.
  • You don’t want to sit through credentials, vacation photos, or epic shoots – you want the ability to do your own.

Brevity is key. Our classes will get you right into the topic you need answers on – while keeping the language simple. Many are short enough to learn on your lunch break!


Education Is a Two-Way Street


We know that making a class and selling it to you – does not mean it magically imprints onto your brain. No one learns this way.

That’s why you’ll find exercises with each class so you can try out a technique to make sure you got it. And when you get stuck – just ask for help. Look for the class discussion section where you can ask questions, show samples of your progress, and gain insights from fellow students.

Or- talk to the instructor in a Live Q&A. Just sign up for a spot and then ask the instructor directly to clarify the issue.

The mark of a great education – is to show you how good you can be. Our mission is to give you the classes you need, on the topics you want, at a price everyone can afford.  Once you really understand the essentials, there are plenty of creative mountains to climb.  We want to be the base camp you spring from.