New To Lightroom, Photoshop and First Shot School?

If you are new to Photoshop or Lightroom and need some advice on what classes to take and in what order to take them – we’ve got you covered.  Both Lightroom and Photoshop are deeply powerful platforms. It’s impossible to learn all that they have to offer in just one class.  That’s why we break it down into bite-sized chucks with classes to get you started on the fundamentals, then conquer workflow, and finally some of the more advanced techniques or roadblocks.  Beginners are welcome at First Shot School and that’s why we’ve built a few guides to help you get started with the right classes for you.

Recommended Class Tracks:

Adobe Lightroom CC:  1) Learn Lightroom Now  2) Mastering Lightroom Collections  3) Large Lightroom Library Workflow 

Adobe Photoshop CC:  1) Learn Photoshop Now  2) Photoshop Layer Masking Essentials  3) Mastering Adobe Camera RAW

Looking for basic classes on Photography, Video, Lightroom Mobile, GoPro or iPhoneography? We have those too. You can find them here. As our library expands, (and we are working hard on that) more education tracks will emerge. And we plan to build onto the current tracks so that your learning curve is never interrupted.

Thank you for learning with First Shot School.