There is no need to travel for great outside portraits – you can take some beautiful ones in your own backyard. One simple photography concept is that the bigger the light source is, and the closer it is, the softer the light will look on the subject. Soft light is very flattering and makes for beautiful portrait light. Harsh light – like mid-day sun usually casts dark shadows under the eyes and nose of your subject. Not to mention it makes everyone squinty (below pic).


While the sun is big, it is really far away. So how can we make that light softer and bring it closer. Simple. Try a thin white bed sheet. You can get one at any discount store for about $10. Have a couple of people hold it between the sun and you (this is a great task for Dads and older siblings) Now the light source is as big as the bed sheet – and it’s a lot closer too. This creates the perfect soft light for making for a really nice pictures.


Perfect for sprinkling some flowers all around while you lay in the grass. Or spread out a blanket and get creative with props. Surround your little one with stuffed animals, cars or whatever comes to mind. Bust out a bright holiday blanket for holiday photos. See if you can squeeze two kids in. The blanket overhead and the props all around are sure to get the giggles going and make for some great photos.


Don’t let a lack of gear curb your creative voice. You can make a similar effect indoors shining high powered flash lights through a sheet. Let yourself be resourceful and never make excuses for curbing your inner creativity.