Finding a shooting location with enough space and clean lines can be a challenge. Ask anyone who coordinates photo or video shoots for a living about locations and they probably have a few “go-to” spots – but if those are booked the pickins get slim. This blog from BorrowLenses highlights a location finder service called Peerspace that has a variety of location choices in 10 US cities. With prices that range from $20 per hour all the way up to $2400 an hour (17,000 square foot warehouse) there seems to be a spot for nearly every budget. Nice – if you are working in one of the 10 cities they cover. But if you’re not, you can learn a lot about what to look for in a location or get ideas on how to bring a similar look into your own space. If all you’re working with is an extra room in your home, you can get some ideas of how to turn that into a modern clean space to shoot in. Take a look at the spaces featured in this blog and see if there are some elements that you could incorporate into your own shooting locations.

April’s Best New Locations for Your Production Shoot

Making sure you have the right location is part of the equation, another part is making sure you have the right gear to get the job done. Where you shoot can have a big influence on the type of gear you bring. If you are used to shooting in studios and end up booking something outside a ND filter can be your best friend and it may not necessarily be in your kit. Audio is also heavily influenced by your location. At First Shot School we handle a variety of video and photo shoots indoors and out. Instead of trying to acquire all the gear necessary for every shoot we’re more likely to spend money on a great location and rent gear to help us get the job done. BorrowLenses is a great resource for that.  Never say no to a job just because you don’t have the right gear.